The Orricles Campaign

Battle 3

The Free Grots contingent of the Ork forces struck at The Myrmidon’s command bastion. A slew of light vehicles piloted by mad grots converged on the building. The defenders charged the vehicles in brave assault, but could not hold back the onslaught and had to abandon their tactical position.

Battle 2

A logistic failure occurred! Three Imperial Guard squads were left garrisoning a bastion in the face of a wall of ork infantry. The guardsmen valiantly held, but fell quickly. When their backup arrived, the orks had too much of a foothold and overran the Myrmidon position.

Battle 1

The orks had a cunnings plan; to outflank kommandos and deffkoptas while the Imperial Guard was busy with the ork main force. The Guard was prepared, their heavy artillery pounded the ork advance into nothingness and the line was held.

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